We are BV&Co. Inc

A Real Estate Investing Company With a Focus on People, Properties & Investments


We believe in people and build relationships that positively impact the lives of people we work with!


We renovate, build and develop properties to create income producing assets.  



Through our properties & projects we offer stable, strong returns.


who we are

Real Estate Investing Business Has Let Us Achieve Both Our Goals!

We are a passionate family people who wanted to spend more time together while still pursue the path of financial security for ourselves and those around us..


We have grown into a team of experts who help people with busy schedules, to reap the rewards through real estate investing without the hassles, worries or work that goes into it


Buy & Hold

From residential to multifamily income properties, buy & hold for long term wealth is always our primary strategy

Our Capabilities

Joint Ventures

Wanting to own Income properties but don’t want to deal with any of the details, hassle or time it takes? Let BV&Co. take care of all of the details while you sit back and enjoy the returns

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Private Money

In need of some private funding for your project or looking to put your capital to work? The team at BV&Co. can help!

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Vacation Rentals/ AirBnB

Considering investing in vacation rentals or AirBnB's? We have the experience, and systems in place to get 5 star reviews every time!

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68 dunlop

Dunlop St.

A 16 Unit multi-family building that has been completey renovated and brought up to a modern standard. Orillia, ON.

ANne St

Anne St.

A new build project of 3 duplexes.   Located in Barrie, ON.



York St.

A boutique 6 unit multi-family undergoing repairs and renovations to be brought up to a modern standard.


Henrietta St

2 x 12 unit multi-family buildings undergoing repairs and renovations to be brought up to a modern standard.


The Poet

A Pre-construction condo in “Leslieville” Toronto, ON.


Under Renovation

Sophia St.

A single family home that is being converted into a legal triplex.  Barrie, ON.



House for rent

Imagining a world free or your 9 to 5 is like a dream we want to turn into reality. Real estate has produced many wealthy people and therefore, there are myriad of reasons to start investing in real estate. Thinking about buying your first property? ...